Blue Mountain Longhorns

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photo 8/17/16

TK Lee.  dob 2/6/12.
Feisty Lee Jr x Dottie Leigh.  Lets see,  Overlyn twice,  Feisty Fannie twice, Overhead twice on top with Grand Slam, VJ Tommie, and Golden Counter on bottom.  Sire is Showcase Champion(74"ttt) and so is his dam(102"total).  37.75"ttt @ 12 months.  58"ttt @ 18 months.  65"ttt @ 24 months.  88"ttt and over 115" total horn on 12/21/16.  (after 7" adjustment for broken horn).  44" from ctr of poll to tip of unbroken horn.  He projects over 90"ttt without the broken horn.  That's very elite territory.  But the best thing about Lee is the horn and color he's putting on his daughters.  Awesome!  Take a look at them. 

                                     Overhead (75"ttt)
                            Feisty Lee
                                     Feisty Fannie (89.875"ttt)
             Feisty Lee Jr.(74"ttt)
                                    Overhead (75"ttt)
                            Feisty Leigh  (76"ttt)
                                    Feisty Fannie  (89.875"ttt)
TK Lee
                        Tommie Lee
                                    Golden Counter
           Dottie Leigh (102+"total)
                                   JR Grand Slam
                         JP Grand Dottie (77"ttt)
                                   High Dottie (70"ttt)


photo 12/21/17

Drago.  dob 4/10/16.
Drag Iron x Chosen Toss.  Double bred Jamakizm.  Sire is 85.5"ttt and 2260 lbs.  Dam is 75"ttt.  Her dam is an 86.5"ttt daughter of Jamakizm.  431 lbs @ 6 months.  Drago is brindle and getting more so.  30.4 @ 12 months.   32"ttt @ 14.  38.88"ttt @ 1 week over 15 months.  40.25ttt @ 16 months.    44.25"ttt@ 17 months.  48"ttt @ 20 months.

                                                   Jamakizm     83"ttt
              Drag Iron     85.5"ttt
                                     Shining Victory
                                     Chosen Victor
             Chosen Toss     75"ttt
                                                           Jamakizm     83"ttt
                                     Toss The Jam     86.5"ttt
                                                          Win the Draft

drag iron

Chosen Toss

Toss the Jam

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Fiesty Lee Jr...........75"ttt

Dottie Lee
dam........102.125" total horn