Blue Mountain Longhorns

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photo 3/4/18

Abby. dob 11/9/15.  $4500.
 Starman x Blue Gypsy.    Rio Grande, Emperor, Tari Graves, Zhivago on top with Grand Slam, Roundup, Premium on bottom.  Should be a winner.  Her sire projected over 88"ttt when he died.  Her dam projects 81"ttt.  38"ttt on 6/12/17.  Projects 65+ttt right now.  Still hasn't gotten all the black horn out yet.  Should get better when the white horn shows up.  49.4"ttt on 9/15/17.  54"ttt on 1/22/18.  Projects 77.4"ttt. 

sire @ 23 months

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4/27/ with Drago